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a story...

Let us tell you a little bit about the popular Sola Flowers

Shola (Sola)

Grown in low lying swamp lands of West Bengal and Thailand are reeds known as Shola Plants.  Cultivated and harvested on farms the plant is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and renewable resource.  Once harvested, the reeds are cut and sliced to form a spongy paper which skilled artisans use to handcraft various styles of flowers and other traditional crafts used in cultural celebrations. West Bengal has a deep history of Shola craft! There are many villages where thousands of people are working in this industry, exporting to developed countries all over the world!

sola flower a.jpg

Your story...

 You can tell your friends and family the story of how you easily added charm to your space when you unwrapped your Sola Flower bouquet, made a few cuts, and arranged in the vase of your choice!  To be inspired check out our Instagram video linked here:

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